10 Magnificent Websites where You Can Learn Freelancing

10 Magnificent Websites where You Can Learn Freelancing

10 Magnificent Websites where You Can Learn Freelancing:

As we noticed that the numbers of freelancers and their demand are incredibly increased in past few years. You can learn any skill if you are a student or doing any job. If you want to change your field even over 30 and earn side income through learning any skill then You can learn these skills online through free or paid courses. Here we will discuss the best websites which hugely help you to learn your desired skill.

The 10 magnificent websites where you can learn freelancing are:

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Udemy :

Udemy is one of the best websites, Where you can learn skills and starts freelancing. It is founded in 2010, Now in August 2022, the number of learners massively increased and it reached up to 54M plus. You can find the number of skills over there. These courses are available in 75 languages. Udemy offers 204K plus courses.

If you want to learn any skill, like Graphic Designing, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Video Editing, Data science, or any other then just find any course you want. It will transform your career without leaving your home. The best thing about this platform is that it offers discounts on different courses. When you will take any course from Udemy you can start earning or you can join as an instructor on this platform.


Coursera is also an online courses provider website, Which is founded in 2012. Coursera is affiliated with various universities and educational organizations. Coursera offers 202 courses. when you will take any course or degree from this platform, It will provide you with a degree or a certificate that is easily shareable. Coursera provides you with 100% online course, which means without leaving your home you can attain a skill.

Now, the number of learners on Coursera increased up to 42M Plus. You can schedule your classes according to your routine. The duration of the courses usually varies from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. The best part of these courses is, that they will enhance your knowledge through online practice quizzes and assignments. The magnificent website will help you to learn any skill from top universities and instructors. You can boost your career as a freelancer after taking an online course from this platform.

SkillShare :

Skillshare is a community where you can learn freelancing through educational videos. If you want to enhance your creativity then it’s the best platform for you. It provides courses in art-related skills like Graphic designing, Animation, Illustration, Video, Film, Music, Photography, etc. You can also learn about technology, business marketing, and creative writing. Skillshare provides you the scholarships too. It will also provide you to work as a teacher on skillshare. You can earn money and build your community through this platform.

Lynda :

Lynda is an online courses provider community. It was founded in 1995 then Lyna merged with Linkedin Learning. The major courses available at Lyna are Software Development, Design, Business, photography, and Web Development. You can learn any skill from anywhere from expert teachers. Lynda is affiliated with more than 10k organizations. You can get a monthly subscription at a very reasonable cost. It also facilitates its users with one month’s free trial.


Teachable is a multi-tasking website, You can find online courses to learn freelancing on this magnificent website or you can sell your courses on this platform. If you want to sell your course, their team will train you with a step-by-step guide. As the various instructor from all over the world offers different courses on this website, you can choose the best course and start learning. Later, you can create your own course or Ebook and sell it on Teachable.

Digital Marketer :

Digital Marketer is also a great website to learn or level up your skills. Digital Marketer offers 200 plus courses. It is a huge network, where more than 126k students learn their desired courses and earn money as a freelancer. If you want to improve your marketing skills then it is the right place to enhance your knowledge. The instructors taught their students through playbooks and workshops. When you will complete your course then Professional certificate will be provided to you.


Datacamp was founded in 2013, and it is also an online courses provider website for freelancers. At first, the Datacamp will access your skill through testing, after that your learning process will start with a complete interactive course. when you will complete your course, then you will be provided online challenging practical tasks to improve your skill. On this platform, millions of students are served by the best instructors. There are 3700 plus classrooms available, where you can enjoy free access for 6 months. It is also a job provider platform.

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Digital Garage:

Digital Garage is also the best website, where you can learn any skill for free of cost. It is a very helpful initiative for those who really want to learn and develop their career as professional freelancers.  You can learn many skills on this platform like Seo content writing, social media marketing, video editing, web optimization, and many others.

The duration of the video tutorials varies from 20 minutes to 40 minutes. Then they will test your knowledge with a quick quiz. When you will pass your quiz which consists of 40 questions, after that they will give you a professional certificate that you can easily download and attach to your portfolio. It will helpful for you to find a job and develop your career.

Alison :

Alison is a magnificent website where you can learn freelancing. The complete name of Alison is Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online. It was founded in 2007. On the platform, you can also enjoy 100% free courses. Alison offers more than 4000  different courses related to IT, sales, Marketing, Business, language, and many more fields it covers. More than 25 million learners are making their careers under the world,s best experts. You can build a free professional resume on Alison and even you can earn money through this platform.


Highbrow is also a very famous website to learn freelancing, where you can find free or paid courses according to your interest. They simply taught you by sending daily emails to your inbox. The duration of these courses is not so long, You can easily start and finish your courses in less time. On this platform, more than 250 courses are available for learners with a step-by-step guide. After, learning these skills, you can become a teacher at this website to share your knowledge.

Conclusion :

The learning process of every person should never be ended. We must learn different things in our life. All these 10 magnificent websites will provide you the free or paid courses for all skillsets. You can choose any platform and learn your desired skill to build your career. If you want to upskill your level or you are thinking to change your field then immediately visit these websites to boost your career.

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