A Comprehensive Guide To Write SEO-Optimized content.


A Comprehensive Guide To Write SEO-Optimized content :

Are you a content writer or you are ready to enter this door to start your journey as a content writer then it is very important to know How you can write SEO-optimized content. whenever we used to search about this topic, we usually find an unarranged and incomplete guide to writing SEO-optimized content.so, here is a comprehensive guide to writing SEO-optimized content:

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What is SEO-optimized Content Writing?

SEO stands for  Search Engine Optimization. SEO-friendly content helps you to gain original organic traffic to your website or blog. We get a better ranking in a search engine through SEO. When we write quality content with good SEO then it will be called SEO-optimized content.

Quality Content + Good SEO  = SEO-optimised content

Elements of SEO-Optimised Content :

The elements of SEO-optimised content writing are as follows:

  • Keyword research and optimization.
  • Organized the whole content
  • Write brief content
  •  Write Meta description with keywords
  • Internal and External linking
  • Incorporate the image or video
  • Analysis of SEO-optimized content
  • Consistency

Keyword Research and Optimization :

Keyword research is hugely important to writing Seo-optimized content. Keywords are the collection of words that people usually type on a search engine to get information about any topic. Seo-friendly content is always written for both the user and the search engine. There are many free tools for keyword search like ubersuggest, Ahrefs keyword explores, Semrush, and many others. By using these tools you can find the answer to the following queries:

What the people are searching for?

what is the volume of content available for that search?

what are the latest trends and top-performing content?

What keywords do the competitors use to get a high ranking on a search engine?

When you will find the appropriate keywords for your topic then you have to use these keywords in your whole content in a specific ratio.

First, the title of your article must contain Keywords. 1st paragraph is always very important for writing SEO-optimized content. You have to spread your keywords in your 1st paragraph and in your Sub-Headings too. Your 1st paragraph must contain more keywords than the others. Don’t overuse the keywords, it may harm the ranking of your website.

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 Organize the whole content:

For SEO-optimized content writing, your content must be well organized. The appropriate use of the Heading, Sub-Heading, and bullet points/numbers matter a lot, it will convince your user to read this content. If your Headings are weak then there are more chances the reader won’t read your content.  Break up your articles into different sections, and make them Grammarly correct, it will increase the readability of your content.

For Headlines analysis, you can use many free tools, like coschedule.,.isitwp and many others.

If you want to improve the readability of your SEO-optimized write-up then you can use many free tool, like  Hemingway app ,readable etc

Write brief content:

A comprehensive article has more chances to rank in search engines. Brief content with the use of relevant keywords will make your content fully SEO-optimized. The article has a more number of words shows that it covers the topic in depth. The readers must get a piece of full information about the topic that they are searching for.

Write Meta description with keywords:

The Meta description is a few phrases, which we can see below the topic and it describes your content. If these lines will be catchy then it’ll pinch your reader to open your article. The meta description should contain the keywords relevant to your content. The length of the meta description should contain 50 to 160 characters.

Internal and External linking:

Hyperlinking is a very important technique to write SEO-optimized content. There are two types of hyperlinking; internal linking and external linking.

Internal linking means that you add some links from your SEO articles already available on your website or blog. The reader can access your previous articles. You can link your social media platforms through your article. It will increase the SEO rate of your content.

External linking means that you add links to some other websites to elaborate on your topic. You can add the video link related to your content. It will help you to increase your SEO score.

Incorporate the image or video:

The incorporation of images or videos is a very useful technique for SEO-optimized content. If you choose the correct image according to your content it will make it more attractive for the user. Try to use low-size images, it will help your website to load more quickly and more easily. Use the correct dimension of the images. The addition of some content in your image will increase your SEO score.

The making of videos or linking the videos is a great strategy to boost the SEO of the website or a blog. It is usually noticed that the content that has the correct video, ranks high in a search engine.

The images and videos make your content more interesting and appealing to the reader. It will become more convenient for the user to understand your content when it is filled with images and relevant videos.

Analysis of SEO-optimized content:

When you will completed your write-up with good SEO then you will publish your content on your webpage. Still, your work is not finished. You have to analyze your work.

For Example, if your webpage is ranked on a search engine but you didn’t get enough clicks, then we will say that your Title is not attractive. Then you should work on the title of your content. And if the bounce rate is increased then you should work on the quality of the content, work on Headings, sub Heading and add more catchy images.


Consistency is always a vital key to becoming successful in any field of life. Consistency in your write-up means that you have to be consistent in your language and style. If you will build your own style then the reader will enjoy your write-ups and will appeal to read your more articles.

Conclusion :

SEO-optimized content writing is a highly demanding field. If you are a content writer then learn to become an SEO content writer it will save your money through moving more organic traffic towards your website. You will get more credibility and trust. All the above discussions will help you to write fully SEO-optimized content.

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