Updated Official Schedule of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023

Updated Official Schedule of ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023

The countdown to the much-awaited global event of the ICC Men ODI Cricket World Cup is unveiled with a revised and twisted schedule. The International Cricket Council released an updated detail of fixtures, dates, venues, and timings.

The first schedule for the world cup was released on June 27, 2023. Later on, it was revised on August 09, at the request of some boards to accommodate their concerns.

New fixtures include 9 changes including the Mega match between India and Pakistan. India will be hosting this great event at 10 different venues nationwide.

Ten teams are set to compete for the grand title including India, Pakistan, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, New Zealand, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and the Netherlands.

Surprisingly, two-time champions, West Indies got disqualified by losing to the Netherlands in the qualifier round.

This mega event will start on October 5, at Narendra Modi stadium, Ahmadabad between defending champions England and New Zealand. The same stadium will witness the finale as well on 19 November.

Format for ICC Men’s World Cup 2023:

The ODI World Cup will be played according to a round-robin format. All ten teams will play 9 matches with each other as played in the world cup 2019.

After that, the top four teams will play semi-finals to grab positions 1 and 2. Lastly, the final match will be played between the winners of the semi-finals.

Venues for the ODI World Cup:

Including, Ahmadabad Stadium for the opening and finale match, nine more venues are listed for the big occasion.

Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Dharamsala, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Pune are listed to witness the spectacular show. Joining Hyderabad in hosting the practice games, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram add their names to this prestigious list.

Revamped Fixtures with the complete schedule of World Cup 2023:

For this mega event, including two games of India, total 9 fixtures are revised. These changes were made keeping in mind the security of the venues and participating teams’ concerns. Although, no venues are changed for any match.

However, the timings of several matches are shuffled, either being rescheduled prior to one day or later date by a day or two. some matches have been rescheduled from day to night or night to day shift.

Revised and updated fixtures are as follows:

5 October: Ahmedabad

  • England vs New Zealand

The big show will start with an exciting battle between the finalists of the 2019 World Cup, England, the defending champion, and New Zealand as finalists.

6 October: Hyderabad

  • Pakistan vs Netherlands

7 October: Dharamsala

  • Bangladesh vs Afghanistan (Day Game)
  • South Africa vs Sri Lanka

8 October: Chennai

  • India vs Australia

9 October: Hyderabad

  • New Zealand vs Netherlands

10 October: Dharamsala

  • England vs Bangladesh (Rescheduled)

Earlier the match was scheduled on October 10 at Dharamshala at 2 pm. Later it was rescheduled for the same date and venue but at a different time at 10:30 am.

  • Pakistan vs Sri Lanka (Rescheduled)

The original schedule of this match was on October 12 at Hyderabad at 2 pm. Its revised schedule offers it on October 10 at Hyderabad at 2 pm.

11 October: Delhi

  • India vs Afghanistan

12 October: Hyderabad

  • Australia vs South Africa (Rescheduled)

This match was decided to play on October 13 at Lucknow at 2 pm. Currently, it is remodeled on October 12 at Lucknow at 2 pm.

13 October: Lucknow

  • New Zealand vs Bangladesh (Day Game)

14 October: Dharamsala and Chennai

  • India vs Pakistan (Rescheduled)

The original schedule for this match was on October 15 at Ahmedabad at 2 pm The revised version set this match on October 14 at Ahmedabad, at 2 pm.

  • New Zealand vs Bangladesh (Rescheduled)

ICC scheduled it earlier on October 14 at Chennai, at 10:30 am. Afterward, the new date is October 13 at the venue Chennai at 2 pm.

15 October: Ahmedabad

  • England vs Afghanistan (Rescheduled)

Its original schedule proposed it on October 14 in Delhi at 2 pm. Now, it will be played on October 15 in Delhi at 2 pm.

16 October: Lucknow

  • Australia vs Sri Lanka

17 October: Dharamshala 

  • South Africa vs Netherlands

18 October: Chennai

  • New Zealand vs Afghanistan

19 October: Pune

  • India vs Bangladesh

20 October: Bengaluru

  • Australia vs Pakistan

21 October: Lucknow

  • Netherlands vs Sri Lanka

21 October: Mumbai

  • England vs South Africa

22 October: Dharamsala

  • South Africa vs India

23 October: Chennai

  • Pakistan vs Afghanistan

24 October: Mumbai

  • South Africa vs Bangladesh

25 October: Delhi

  • Australia vs Netherlands

26 October: Bengaluru

  • England vs Sri Lanka

27 October: Chennai

  • Pakistan vs South Africa

28 October: Kolkata

  • Netherlands vs Bangladesh

28 October: Dharamsala

  • Australia vs New Zealand (Day Game)

29 October: Lucknow

  • India vs England

30 October: Pune

  • Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka

31 October: Kolkata

  • Pakistan vs Bangladesh

1 November: Pune

  • New Zealand vs South Africa

2 November: Mumbai

  • India vs Sri Lanka

3 November: Lucknow

  • Netherlands vs Afghanistan

4 November:  Bengaluru

  • New Zealand vs Pakistan (Day Game)

4 November: Ahmedabad

  • England vs Australia

5 November: Kolkata

  • India vs South Africa

6 November: Delhi

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka

7 November: Mumbai

  • Australia vs Afghanistan

8 November: Pune

  • England vs Netherlands

9 November: Bengaluru

  • New Zealand vs Sri Lanka

10 November: Dharamsala

  • South Africa vs Afghanistan

11 November: Pune

  • Australia vs Bangladesh (Day Game)

The original schedule was on November 12 at Pune at 10:30 am. In the new schedule, it was shifted to November 11 with the same venue and time.

11 November: Kolkata

  • England vs Pakistan (Rescheduled)

The match was earlier planned on November 12 at Kolkata, at 2 pm. Later on, it was shifted to November 11 without a change of venue and timing.

12 November: Pune

  • India vs Netherlands

15 November: Mumbai

  • Semifinal 1

16 November: Kolkata

  • Semifinal 2

19 November: Ahmedabad

  • Final


In the revised schedule of ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup, match dates, venues, and timings are more organized and well structured. The stage is ready for the whole world to witness the thrill, excitement, and emotions in this tournament.

With every ball bowled, every boundary struck, and every victory celebrated, this World Cup will be a reminder of love, passion, and devotion.


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