What Is Proofreading? How to Earn Online by Proofreading

What Is ProofReading?

What Is Proofreading? How to Earn Online by Proofreading:

Proofreading means carefully checking for mistakes in a text before it is published or distributed to the public. It is the very last stage of the writing process, in which you check out minor spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes, typos, formatting, and other issues. No matter whether it is an academic paper, a job application, an online article, or a print flyer, Proofreading is necessary for any text that is going to be shared with viewers. According to your skills and budget, you can choose to proofread yourself or you can hire a professional proofreader. 

How proofreader work :

In the publishing company, proofreaders generally check a printed copy of the text and mark the mistakes using unique proofreading marks. While professional proofreaders frequently work with digital texts and correct the mistakes using different features in Ms. Word or Google Docs.  

Different B/W Proofread & editing 

Most people think there is no difference between proofreading and editing but the process of revising text proofreading and editing are totally different steps. Major changes to content, structure, and language can be editing but in the process of the proofreading, we focused on small mistakes and lack of consistency. 

Steps Before Proofreading:

 Usually, the text goes through different steps of editing before it reaches proofreading. Following are the steps that are commonly taken during this process: 

  • Content Editing 
  • Line Editing 
  • Copy Editing 
  • Proofreading 

Tips and tricks : 

Some basic skills that are important for anyone who is a writer. If you are writing everyday text like business blogs reports college papers etc. Then, you can follow these techniques to improve proofreading and can do it efficiently. 

First Edit your writing:  

Before going to proofreading make sure that you have revised your text and edited your work. There are no minor mistakes or errors. 

Take a break  :

It is advised not to overload yourself if you read and read a text for hours and days it will become hard to find mistakes. So I advise you to take a break before going for proofreading after a break you can find mistakes with fresh eyes. That will be helpful.

Proofread a printout :

Looking at your words on a printed page is an additional useful technique for observing things that might have escaped your attention on the screen.  

Learn from your mistakes: 

Focused on your mistakes wisely and avoiding them next time that will be helpful to improve your work. 

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